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Why choose Smart.N.Go?

Welcome to the health and wellness program with Smart-N-Go Atlanta!

Now companies can provide the best food and beverage options for their employees without any of the hassles from traditional vending. Why not provide your employees with their very own convenient store style solution? With hundreds of options and the ability to customize your markets Smart-N-Go Atlanta truly becomes the right choice for many businesses. 

Smart-N-Go Atlanta partners up with companies that are looking at changing the way employees eat and snack in the workplace. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is key to any work environment, and now with Smart-N-Go Atlanta you can teach employees the smart choice. Giving employees the ability to look at nutritional information before they purchase an item allows them to take control of their daily intake. Then by visiting our online web portal employees can track their purchase history daily. Knowledge is power, and with Smart-N-Go Atlanta we want to give employees the power to a better lifestyle through our food and beverage options.